I’m completely in love with this sweater…

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Me: *comes back to tumblr after a god knows how long hiatus, Sees Hugh’s face slapped across the dash* Ah yiiis. Now I remember why I come back here.

He’s worth coming back for every damn time…happy to help! :)

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That photo is a weapon of mass destruction.

It’s definitely a favorite — which is why it’s the sidebar on the fansite. There’s just something about how the filtering makes his hair seem so coppery and his green eyes just so pale and gorgeous. Add in the little half smirk and the tiniest bit of scruff, and have I ever talked about his neck?



For anyone planning to purchase tickets for Memphis: the Musical, the show’s website cast listing page has been updated (scroll to the bottom) to reflect Killian’s off-day:

Mr Killian Donnelly is not scheduled to perform at Thursday night performances.

At those performances, Jon Robyns will be playing Huey.

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Sitting at my desk, reading my email, drinking my coffee, and consuming a croissant.

No, not that one.

what happened in the les mis fandom??

I hope you don’t mind my answering this publicly, as I had a few messages asking the same thing.

There is an anon meme hosted on another site that has served as a kind of “burn book” for the Les Mis fandom for the past year or more, where people anonymously wank about people they don’t like. Quite a few people have been wanked about on there, and have seen it have an effect on their participation in fandom. (Including myself, in the spirit of full disclosure.)

Apparently it got very out of hand, and a campaign of hate was waged against a longtime fandom member, who ultimately decided she needed to leave the fandom. I don’t know many more details beyond that.

Hope this helps!

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Over the last couple of days, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Les Mis fandom, and about the recent incident with the anon meme that resulted in a well-respected person quitting the fandom for good. A post has been going around encouraging people to be good to each other, to reach out to their friends and tell them how much they care — a noble and admirable proposition to be sure.

But while I firmly support that proposition, I don’t think that goes far enough. Our problems as a fandom don’t flare up when we’re talking to our friends, but when we deal with acquaintances, strangers, or people we may not even like very much. 

To that end, I’d propose the following:

We’re all here because we were touched in some way by a book and/or a musical and/or a movie that is all about the power of love and redemption. Let’s do better at trying to live up to the source material.


have you seen this

It’s official: W1A is coming back for a second series!!!