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tbf this is kind of a constant state of being


that’s rude, R.

I’ve gotten approximately ten billion requests for tiny!Sun King since George’s announcement, and who am I to disappoint? (Temporary hiatus… hiatus…!)

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He wouldn’t even scream. He’d just make this gruff, affronted noise, scrunch his nose, huff, shake out his hair & glare prettily as if to say ARE YOU HAPPY NOW HONESTLY WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME, then demand a cigarette. It would be beautiful.

This. Yes. Exactly. It would be so Quintessentially Skinner, right down to the smokes at the end.

God, I want it so badly — although I may need to take to my bed for three days afterwards, especially if that white t-shirt is involved.

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*sideeyes Skinner re: the ice bucket challenge*

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I was asking myself the exact same question — what a bunch of idiots. Which I mean in the best possible way…

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Rub a Dub Dub! (link)

Am I going to extend my New Orleans fic by a chapter so I can give Joly a subplot? Yes, yes I am, because for me a fic without Joly is like a day without sunshine.

Also, I just saw that someone started a WWI AU with Jehan/Courfeyrac on AO3 a couple of weeks ago — and I only thought about trashing my plans for a WWI fic for about 10 minutes.

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@smellmo11 Ice bucket challenge done in the rain! And bucket thrower @killiandonnelly was adamant about not wanting to get wet! 


Damn, Blagden AND Vlahos? I’m so there…